Thursday, 9 October 2008

An Arakanese Poem of the 16th century (5)

Poem by; Okker Pyun.
Summers is far departed rain increase;
The sky was overcast of a sudden to day
And I heard thunder rumble and thought of you-
Your princess thinks only of love of you'
How the time hurries' Monks prepare for Lent
Already in wonderful monasteries of the Jungle;
The Sun-King shows himself no more in the sky,
And rain falls all day long,though with head bowed
I have besought the king of Heaven to spot it,
For such rain damps the heart with you a way.
My bed is cold and humid,half my bed,
Your half ,and I look on it ,I weep.
Lying awake,oppressed by anxious thoughs,
Listenung to distant drums and cymbals struch
far off in the midnight streets or temple-yards,
My sadness growing till the first cock-crow
And wild mingled notes of early birds.

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