Thursday, 9 October 2008

An Arakanese Poem of the 16th century (3)

Poem By :Okker Pyun.
The water feast is pest; a new moon waxes;
Still my thoughts follow you incessantly.
Everywhere doves are cooing:through the leaves.
The light seems every colour of gay green.
Or misty showers oass ocer in thin drizzle.
But all these only make my heart more sad,
For thinking I must see them without you,
So that three pasts of the night I often lies
Wakeful and wishing you were by me here,
That we might wather together the moving sky,
See the Rain-king narshall his thunder clouds
And make his lightning flicker;see the Sun-king,
In His rich coat of thousand scarlet flames,
Drive out and set horses at agailop
In ciruit of Mount Meru:on the summit
The King of Henven sits,smiling at this,
Until an amber rod in his left hand.
His right upon a sword,he shouts again.
At once the Rian -King summons back the clouds,
Darkens the sky,darts lightning everyehere,
And ashower rushing down settles the dust.

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