Thursday, 9 October 2008

An Arakan Poem of the 16th century (1)

By : Okkar Pyan.
Translated By :Maurice Collis.

Let's me recite my prayer with lifted hands.
Tabaung is over and gone: Tagu be gins;
The New year comes;but I am sorrowful,
For you are far from me at aforeign court.
The rains will soon fall,but you have not written;
No Ward,No message of love has come from you.
Have you no longing to return at this season?
I heard bird sing in the forest to-day;
its voice was my voice ,calling you to come back.
What if the king of Heaven from his seat on Mount Meru
Should hear and transport you suddenly to me?
Would we not go together to the Water Festival?
This year the boat-races are on the Thinganaddi,
South of the city Golden Mrauk-U.

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