Thursday, 9 October 2008

An Arakanese Poem of the 16th century (12)


Peom by :Okker Pyun

To-day I took early the forest path;
There adry wind was driving the withered leaves;
But already the new sprays were on the boughs,
So green,that tears came to my eyes.
By the pathside were all the flowers of tabaung,
Each in his choice, please , like a gem well set,
The Silver flower, the Flower-of-a hundred-passions,
And many more, the forest flowers of spring.
So in the mild air, neither hot nor cold,
Hushed by their odours,prayerfully i went,
Plucking now here,now there a pre-cious flower.
With these I mounted the Pagoda steps
And laid them at the knees of the Exalted.

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venroute said...

beautiful moment**