Saturday, 2 February 2008

Own Country

Enslaved Nation in its own CountryFor more than five thousands years, Arakan has been flourished and developed their own culture, religion and literature. But, today Arakan is an illegally occupied country and its peoples are outnumbered by Burman invaders, its national heritages; historical monuments, culture, literature are systematically destroyed and Burmanized by the series of Burman rulers. Besides,the Burman obviously importing the Bangladeshi Chittagonian Muslims in to Arakan in order to minimize the Arakanese population on their own land.The Burman king Nga Wine (Bodaw Maung Wine) invaded and occupied Arakan in 1784. During one year period of 1785 alone, twenty million Arakanese including infants and women were brutally killed by the Burman forces. Ten million Arakanese fled to British India in order to avoid the ethnic cleansing of Arakanese people by the Burman. Tens of thousands of Talented Arakanese including the last king Mahathamada Raza and his family were brought to the Amarapura of Burman capital and there Mahathamada Raza was beheaded by the Burman King and his queen was forced to marry to Burman king Nga Wine. But, the brave Arakanese Queen show her faith to her husband and to her nation by starving herself to death.By the mid 1980s, over 1.2 million Arakanese died of starvation, forced labour and execution; thousands of Arakanese including Pandit U U Tha Tun (a noted historian and candidate of 1990 General election from ALD), Dr. Saw Mra Aung (Chairman of Arakan League for Democracy, ALD) and U Aye Tha Aung (General Secretary of ALD) were imprisoned and tortured for their active activities before the elections was held. Among them, U U Tha Tun was assassinated during his imprisonment in Akyab jail on August 14, 1989. Many other political prisoners were also persecuted to death by the MI of Burmese junta without any proper trial.Of over five millions Arakanese population inside Arakan of present Burma, reportedly, at least five hundred thousand Arakanese were forced to leave their native land in order to avoid the various terror mentioned above. But, today''s Arakanese migration have mainly tendency towards only to the east because all available accesses to India and Bangladesh were totally blocked by many battalions and their outpost as well as by totally difficult geographical and religious differences. Nowadays many thousands of Arakanese young men were compelled to leave their beautiful land for Kachin and Shan states, Rangoon (Yangon) and middle Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan where they find themselves free from forced labou, forced portering and various tortures under the terror of the evil Burmese army. Due to lack of boys in every Arakanese villages throughout the country abundance of socio-economic problems are coming to arise in present Arakan.
Auther: Narinjara News.

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