Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Bangladesh Authorities Return 19 Burmese Muslims

Bangladesh Authorities Return 19 Burmese Muslims
Bangladesh border authorities pushed 19 Burmese citizens back across the border soon after they had entered Bangladesh to enroll on the voter registration list, said a local official.
"We pushed them back to Burma on Saturday because they were entering our country illegally to enroll their names on the voter list," the official said.
Bangladesh is currently conducting voter registration for the upcoming general election and for the first time ever issuing national identity cards to registering Bangladeshi citizens.
Many Burmese citizens, primarily from the Muslim community, have been entering Bangladesh recently to register their names on the voter lists in order to receive Bangladesh IDs. Most of these Burmese nationals have been arrested, while some have been repatriated immediately to Burma.
An official from the border area said Bangladesh authorities can not allow any foreigners to add their name to the new voter list, and many Burmese Muslims who were able to register for the last election have been purged from the lists.
According to a source, 25,000 names were removed from the old voter lists in Teknaf Township after authorities reviewed them and restricted who could register.
The current voter registration being conducted in Bangladesh is very important, as the government is issuing national ID cards to citizens whose names are on the list.
Source By: Narinjara News.

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