Thursday, 28 February 2008

Good news (or) Bad News?

How could we handle to our national resourse for people's development?

Gas Found During Tube Well Drilling in Arakan
Natural gas was found during drilling of a tube well in a village in Maungdaw Township in western Burma, with the gas still flowing from the mouth of the well, according to a local office report.
The report stated that the gas was found during tube well drilling at Mro Chaung Village in the north of Maungdaw Township.
The tube well drilling was being conducted by villagers under a program of ACF, an NGO working on rural development in Arakan State.
A local source confirmed the report and said the gas was found on 23 February when the drilling pipe reached a depth of 120 feet.
The drillers realized that they had struck gas when a flame erupted near the lit end of a cheroot being smoked by a worker. A witness said the flame was one foot over the tube well, and many local people came to the drilling site to see the flame once word got out.
The authorities have stopped the drilling and closed off the well by filling it in with soil, but the gas is still continuing to seep out of the ground at the well site.
The authorities are reportedly fencing off a 10 square feet area around the well with barbwire in order to prevent any accidents from occurring with the gas.
Source By:Narinjara news.

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