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May you satisfaction beloved father?

May you satisfaction beloved father?
May you satisfaction beloved father?Blood ocean!Huge mountain dead bodies!Sorrowful sight!Grieve and painfully crying, mourning of Arakanese!"O" beloved father" like in every year when meet with this day 31st December, we (in and out of Arakan) are suffering as in nightmare dream.Decomposed dead bodies of your sons and daughters of Arakanese, were flooding in blood mixed reddish water of the rivers of the Mayu, Laymro, Kaladan, Kalindaung, etc.And in land, beasts like dogs, foxes, crows, vultures, eagles, etc were eating also dead bodies of your sons and daughters who were grossly killed by Bamar colonial invaders in 1784 under the policy of the whole nation cleansing and demolishing ruled."Kill them! "Don't left even pregnant for the whole nation end" in that way thousands of pre-mother of Arakanese were died under the helpless condition."Kill babies! "Don't left even from cradles! Babies were thrown to the sky by Bamar invaders then spires, swords were provided under the falling down straight way of the babies. In that way, thousands of innocent Arakanese babies were grossly killed even from their cradles by heartless Bamar invaders as an inhuman being acts.Had arakanese pre-mother any guilty for Bamar invaders?Had Arakanese babies any guilty for Bamar nation?According to Arakanese history, from 1784 to 1788 within four years, Arakanese wer killed by Bamar invaders as followed:* One thousand in Paung Htook Prun* One thousand in Tharunk Ouke * One thousand in Krunk Roe Taung* Two thousands in San Gurr Taung* Ten thousands Arakanese babies* One lakh eightyu four thousands (184, 000) in Dinggy, Fararr Pour, Moung Sway, Nga Ra Kaunght, Goung Pro Taung, Parain, Paung Took, Ratana Prun, Lunkma Tawdam , Koe Say Koe Daung, Thandway (Sandwe), Ramree.In that way, from 1784 to 1824 during 40 years over twenty lakhs ( over 20, 00, 000) Arakanese were grossly killed by Bamar invaders.On the other hand, in Taw Pan Zum villages over the one thousand Arakanese were killed by Maung Nu's soldiers mercilessly under the period of so-called Union Govt of Burma in 1952.And also, on 13 August 1967, in Akyab (present capital city of Arakan) around 400 Arakanese were Buried with alive and dead by Ne Win's Bamar chauvinism.In that way, if we count from 1784 to up to today, two and half millions of Arakanese were killed cruelly by Bamar Chauvinism by the name with kingdom, so-called false Union Govt of Burma and under the BSPP, SLORC, SPDC, etc."O" beloved Arakan, we must see as dead bodies of huge mountain! If above mentioned all of two and half millions dead bodies of Arakanese are provided at the one place.In that way, we must se endless appearance of blood, red like in every sight every where as a blood ocean!If we pour at the one place for all of bleeding blood from above mentioned two and half millions dead bodies of Arakanese.Do you forget it "o" beloved Arakan?Should we forget about it?"O" beloved father" If arrive on today, we fell that we are hearing sounds of grippingly crying and sorrowful sight of views about the poor helpless our Arakanese conditions from the past."O" beloved father" you could born over Arakanese heroes, sons like Marayu, Mun Htee, Mun Bun and provided over 5000 years as a sovereignty Arakan Kingdom with such kind of eras like Danyawadi, Visali, Laymro, Mrauk Oo. In the result of that we could fly our Arakanese flag as tallest among the other nations and also we could proudly say that " Rakhaing Tharr Way! among the world nation families as a level of dignity."O" beloved father" even we lost lour sovereignity under the Bamar colonial in 1784, we are struggling to restore our freedom sithout generation gap up to today till over the two centuries and two decadeds. During those long period of our struggling, if I have to mention some of our important figures revolutionaries, who were, Taung Mun Gri Kyaw Htwe, who fought firstly to Bamar invaders since incursions in Arakan in 1784. And Bo Shun Byan. Then prince U Hree Ban, Day Wann Aung Kyaw Hree, Mayou Aung Kyaw Zan, etc.Some of them had left poems as precious stones for next generation of our Arakan revolutionaries.If I have to mention the translations upon their poems as what ever I can:Prince Hree Ban's last will and testament - "Radu" ( in translation)* I am a true prince Accordance to that I struggled For fatherland, my life was heartily sacrificed in kalar landAnd my old life will change.* Every living things must die one day as a natureEven though any body don't kill them.* VindictivenessThey also never live in absoluteEven though I die, my bones will speakor case one day as a noble value in our revolutionaries' rule."O" my next generation of revolutionaries ArakanWe must get freedom of fatherland one day.If you don't change and obeisance my true rule of revolutionary.* If human effort by hard industriousMust get even for nirvanaThis is referendum of mine.Hree Ban's-----------------------------Daywann Gri Aung Kyaw Hree's last will and testament, "Radu"(in translation)* "O" next generation of revolutionaries ArakanWe, three masters of you, have value and worth in some time And in some time their lives are worthlessWhen other bodies from upper hand torture them.* "O" nest generation of revolutionaries Arakan!Don't take patience if any body of you accept corrupt moneyAnd treat you by disgrace mean.* Accordance to freedom struggle histories of worldwide According with harmonium had to use both of knowledge and abilityby the way of continue efforts and trustAnd had to pour blood and sacrifice their lives for the final meanBecause of no wish to live under the other.Aung Kyaw Hree------------------------------Mayor Aung Kyaw Zan's last will and testament "Radu"( in translation)* VindictivenessAung Kyaw Zan's struggleAnd also our golden land Arakan become for other so sadlyfor traitors San Hree Foay and other of his fellows' betrayedAnd ideology of dog thought that the whole life for thembut for one meal.* Even though parent, master, ancestor's already left talkthat not to accompany with villainsAnd careless mistakenly didn't obey for that have to face like present trouble for me.* If I will be human in another lifeI'd like to revenge newly for those traitors like right nowBecause of never forgivable.Aung Kyaw Zan"O" beloved father" even though our struggles are running in so long under the various kind of colonial, listism ( under the Bamar, British, Japanese, British and now Bamar and false socialism , false communist, false Unionist in and out of so-called Burma), We are struggling continually without generation gap for restore Arakan dignity.Early 21st centuries of nowadays, is so considerably happening for our Arakan revolution and revolutionaries' struggle according to wheel changing of present worldwide revolutionary history.Therefore, without gap our version from past, present and future of Arakan very recently, we must create an international level terminal and will try to qualify from our weakness.May you satisfaction beloved father?
Khaing RomaNB: This article was submitted by me (in Rakhaing) on the occasion of Arakan National Black Day in Dhaka in 2004.
Copy by:GMA News.

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