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Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone.

About Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone
The Kyauk Phyu Economic Zone is a specially designated area in which foreign companies will construct and operate petrochemical plants and oversee the export of Chinese made products. This Economic Zone will serve as the endpoint for the Yunnan-Arakan railway, and will be the site of new naval facilities and a deep-sea port. It will occupy over 50% of the land in Kyauk Phyu Township.

Prospective enterprises of the Kyauk Phyu SEZ

A wide variety of ports, including an oil tanker port ware houses for storage, an export zone is also available.
Seafood production industries to sustain and process fish, cru stance systems are teeming in abundance and the zone itself would be used as a transit zone.
Opportunities for hotels, golf clubs, relaxation resorts with numerous water sports such as yacht sailings, water-skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, etc.

Enterprises for further development of the Kyauk Phyu SEZ

Opportunities for building business complex including banking, shopping premises, office buildings, restaurants and stores
Residence zone for employees of the Special Economic Zone and their dependents
Opportunities for gas-based industries to develop Power Plants generated by natural gas, LNG industries, ammonia and fertilizer plants and methanol plants. Opportunities for building wood-based industries

Contemporary Circumstances of the Land

Potential sites for the Kyauk Phyu SEZ have been designated yet.However, negotiation and discussion can be undergone with comments provided by interested developers.
We hereby would like to invite developers and investors for the Kyauk Phyu SEZ.


Kyauk Phyu Town in Rakhine State is situated on Yanbyae Island which is in South-Western part of Myanmar.
Area of Kyauk Phyu District 3704.04 sq miles
Population of Kyauk Phyu District 581984
Kyauk Phyu Township 678.38 sq miles
Yanbyae Township 506.738 sq miles
Man-Aung Township 202.05 sq miles
Aun Township 2316.88 sq miles

Building a Railway

A Feasibility Study for a deep-sea port and a railway project has been studied. On 20.12.2009 an MoU had beer signed between the CITIC (China) and the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development.
On 16.2.2011, a supplementary (6) months of the MoU was also signed. But the MoU had since expired and the project had been dropped.

Data of Muse-Kyauk Phyu Railway Project

Length of Railway = 513.75 mile
No of Stations = 79
No of small and large bridges = 365
Total length of bridges = 139.75 mile(27.20 %)
The longest bridge = 25.46 mile
Total no: of tunnels = 94
Total length of tunnels = 86.50 mile(16.84 %)
The longest tunnel ( Gote-Twin Tunnel) = 5.90 mile
Total no: of tunnels and bridges = 459
Total length of tunnels and bridges = 226.25 mile(44.04 %)
Maximum Degree of Turns = 1.94 Degree
Maximum Slope = 1;40 (2.5 %)
Type of Railway = Standard Gauge(1435 mm)

Infrastructure of the Kyauk Phyu SEZ.

There are Air, water and High way transportation. For Communications there are auto telephones and mobiles.
For health purposes, township hospitals and special medical centers are now available. Although electric power is through generators within a short time, the national power plant will distribute electric power.
Kyauk Phyu, Yanbyae and Madae islands now have driknking water facilities. The infrastructure is now quite available.
Stream-lining of the infrastructure is now under due consideration

Current Conditions of the Land
On the North – Eastern coastline of Yanbyae island the Northern coastline of Madae island the sea is deep and calm.
It is a suitable place to build a deep-sea port as mangroves on the North- Eastern coastline of Yanbyae serve as natural barriers.
Varieties of marine life flourish, such as fishes, prawns and lobsters, etc. An enterprise for a fishing industry can thrive and prosper.
At Yanbyae island’s western coastline, there is a length sandy be ace, ideal for beach resorts.
There are prospects for more natural gas fields in the near future.
The Rakhine Mountain Ranges are rich with natural forests, trees and bamboos, and therefore there is potential for forest industries and facilities for woodwork.


In Kyauk Phyu District, an Oil and Gas Terminal built by the Shwe natural gas production enterprise on Madae island
The project to build a pipeline to China
An MoU between the Ministry of Energy and the China National Petroleum Cooperation (CNPC) on 16.6.2009 and now being developed.

This natural gas pipeline which will transport natural gas from Rakhine coast to China now underway.
Production per day – Up to 500 million cubic feet of natural gas

Advanatages of the Special Economic Zone

Registered Investment and all it entails such as licenses, permits available at one stop service centers
Tax benefits and incentives in accordance with international standards with in SEZ.
Same benefits for investors, foreigner and local alike, in accordance with international standards, a level playing field is established.

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