Wednesday, 8 June 2011

4.6 viss Golden Buddha Statue Found in Arakan's Ancient City

Mrauk U: An ancient golden statue of the Buddha weighing 4.64 viss was found at an ancient pagoda that was being excavated recently for restoration in Mrauk U, the ancient city of Arakan in western Burma, reported a trustee of the pagoda and retired deputy director of the culture department.

They said the statue was found along with 26 other statues around 4:30 pm on 30 May, 2011, during excavations at Lokmezu Stupa of Ratana Theinkha Pagoda in Mrauk U.

"The statue is made of pure gold, is one foot high, and weighs about 4.64 viss. It was found together with 26 other statues during excavations of Lokamezu Stupa of Ratana Theinkha Pagoda for repairs," said U Kyaw Tun Aung, a retired deputy director of Burma's culture department.

The source added that the statue is now being kept in the Mrauk U government bank by the cultural department for security, because the statue is very valuable.

It was also said the statue was found to be made of gold after testing by the department in the presence of U Aung Than Tin, minister of culture for the Arakan State government.

"It is true that the statue was found while digging at the pagoda for repairs. It was found in a box together with other statues enshrined at the pagoda. It was also the largest of the statues and was found to be made of pure gold when tested in the presence of the culture minister," he said.

A pagoda trustee said the residents of Mrauk U are now concerned the statue will be taken to mainland Burma or elsewhere and won't be kept in its native place.

"Most of the local devotees want the statues to be re-enshrined in the former pagoda. If the gold statue, because of its value, is not kept at the underground shrine, it should be kept in a shrine built with good security in the same area. The devotees here are worried now that the statue will be moved to mainland Burma or other places because of its value," said the trustee.

Source By: Narinjara News.

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