Thursday, 28 August 2008

Moon Koon Ball is falling down.

Have you hear about that English child song,
"~~~London Bridge is falling down~~fallow down~~~"
That was a happily singing of my child life.
Although,Currently...I do change,
The lyrics is...
"~~~Monn Koon Ball is falling down ~~fallow down~~~"
That is true.....
It had been on 03 of August at Amrapura so call former
Capital city of Konebonn Dynasty.It was built ed by
invader Aloun Pha Ya(Nga Maung Wine) who was land
distribution to Arakan at 31/12/1784.It's a third biggest ball of
on the world.
Copper was forcefully bring from
Root of Maurk-Oo Place.Then over sixty thousands of
Arakanese people were killed at that colony war.
Also,Forty thousands of Arakanese were force labour to
built ed that it be come to the world biggest Moon Kone
Situpar (but that was never be done yet) and Matetheelar Dam.
So,I do singing to day ,
"~~~Moon Kone Ball is follow down~~follow down~~"

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