Thursday, 5 June 2008

Population of Burma.

Population: 57.6 million (IMF estimate 2007); no official census has been taken since 1983.
Annual population growth rate (UNDP 2005 estimate): 0.8%. Ethnic groups:
Burman 68%,
Shan 9%,
Karen 7%,
Rakhine(Arakanese) 4%,
Chinese 3%,
Mon 2%,
Indian 2%, Inc(
Bengali, Bhils ,Bihari , Chhettris ,Chittagonians (Rohingya) ,Dhivehi,
Dogras ,Dom ,Garhwali, Gujarati ,Gurkhas ,Hindkis, Jat people ,Kambojs,
Kambohs ,Konkani ,Kumaoni ,Lohanas ,Manipuri ,Marathi,Marwaris ,Mers
Nepali ,Oriya,Punjabi ,Rajasthani ,Romani ,Seraikis ,Sinhalese ,Sindhi
Also :Kyulia, Sonny, Shia, Mizoram, Manipu,and Kathe' .
other 5%.
Buddhist 89%,
Christian 4% (Baptist 3%, Roman Catholic 1%),
Muslim 4%,
animist 1%,
other 2%.
Burmese, minority ethnic languages.
Literacy--adult, 89.9%;
male, 93.9%;
female, 86.4% (UNDP 2005 estimate). Source from U.S.Deparment of State.
Therefore, don't be lies by so call Rohingya(Bengali) to the ingenious people,International communities,Governments, NGOs and the World.
They (Rohingya) were try ed to distribution about poor strategic is"Over 3 millions Rohingya(Bengali) people has being living Arakan state along".Is that situation could coming next thousand of years ?,Or bring them(relative) to Arakan from Bangladesh.
Although,More then Three hundreds thousands of Arakanese, Marma,Bruwor, Mro' and that' has being living in Bangladesh by peacefully.But they're never making crisis with ingenious people on inland.
On the other hand,25 millions of Bengali people were migrated to East site of India's states(Mizoram and Manipui) within 60 years.That case gonna be come one of the most important things for further India's politic.

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